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 Il brand made in italy Koonhor, finalista di Who’s on next.

Catrine The;Koon Lim (KOONHOR)

I giovani designer Koon Lim e Catrine The’ cresciuti tra Singapore e l’Indonesia si sono incontrati a New York ed hanno dato vita a Koonhor!

Perche’ parliamo di Koonhor?

Perche’ sono giovaniimprevedibilielegantiminimalistisofisticati,


Utilizzano le tecnologie digitali per promuovere i loro brand.

Start up emergente del settore digital fashion


About Koonhor

Intellectually refined. Irreverent yet disciplined.

Designers Koon Lim and Catrine Thé, born and raised in Singapore and Indonesia, respectively, have been cultivating these principles since they met in New York in 2003. Over the years, the two worked closely together to develop their modern and sleek aesthetic, already discernible to those around them. The culmination of ideas and instincts, and their interplay, was something that had to be shared on a grander scale. koonhor was thus established.

Based in Milan, the emerging label has been making strides with its intelligent juxtapositions of feminine and masculine elements. In 2012, koonhor received an illustrious honor from Who is on Next?, an event hosted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia, in which select up-and-coming designers are recognized for their Made-in-Italy creations.

While craftsmanship and sophistication form the underlying DNA of koonhor, the duo behind the label is wary of allocating a closed characterization, a cut and dry definition to the essence of the brand. Determined to encourage an ever-changing impression, their technical approach has become merely the root, a cause. The effect, on the other hand, has always been open to interpretations. Throughout the seasons, koonhor undertakes to manifest themes ranging from the grandiose to the unassuming, and each collection provides yet another convoluted layer to the whole.

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Fashion Designer. Lisa Laurell Amandonico

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Please Disturb Now vi propone i lavori della giovane Fashion Designer Lisa Laurell Amandonico di origine italo/svedese, specializzata in Fashion Design alla Beckmans Collage of Design di Stoccolma nel 2013.

Minimalismo e forme anatomiche tenute insieme da una indagine sul corpo umano femminile.

From Lisa Laurell Amandonico Official Website.
My name is Lisa Laurell Amandonico, I’m a Swedish/Italian fashion designer, graduated with a BA in Fashion Design at Beckmans Collage of Design in Stockholm in 2013. I was awarded the H&M scholarship as the best student graduating in my class.
I have been working to find my own self as a designer. I am interested in the architectonic anatomy of the female body and how a fabric’s shape and material relates to it.
The collection contains classical female shapes without being soft or submissive. It is feminine but strong and unambiguous in its message. My clothes aim to clearly show who the wearer is: a strong and independent woman. They should give her the opportunity to show herself off on her own terms. To be sexy with head held high, and to give her the means to both draw attention and fend it off.
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Eleonor Amoroso Fashion Designer

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02 03 Con Eleonor Amoroso l’eleganza ha il suo lato oscuro, ma è solo una tecnica di seduzione. . La cura impeccabile del fatto a mano, per esempio.
Se ogni stagione ha la sua luce, il suo calore, il suo profumo dell’aria, per la fashion designer Eleanor Amoroso, ogni stagione è l’occasione per rivisitare una tecnica di tessitura a mano passata in disuso.

Come l’arte del macramé, raffinato e sottile ricamo artigianale di origine araba, impiegato nella collezione AW 10/11. In questa nuova stagione invece, la stilista si concentra più sulle texture macro che sul dettaglio scultoreo. E le silhouette vengono percorse da robusti fasci di motivi a maglia.

Il suo lavoro può essere paragonato a quello di un artigiano, ogni pezzo è unico ed interamente creato a mano con pazienza e minuzia. Si specializza nel knitwear ed affina la tecnica del macramé, con cui realizza pezzi di abbigliamento ed accessori incredibili. La collezione primavera/estate 2013 si basa sulla forma del cerchio, elaborata per creare geometrie complesse, giochi e pattern che creano mini dress, top e collane.Immaginehio

Presentata in anteprima alla Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s London Fashion Week, ora potrete vedere la sua collezione alla Fashion Space Gallery all’interno della mostra “New Fashion: Interventions in Materials and Tecniques’.

Foto via

Eleanor Amoroso launched her line a few seasons ago, after the success of the graduate collection she created for spring/summer 2011. Her work can be compared to that of a craftsman, each piece is unique and created entirely by hand with patience and skills. She specializes in knitwear and refines the technique of macramé, with which she realizes stunning pieces of clothing and accessories. The spring/summer 2013 collection is based on the shape of the circle, elaborated to create complex geometries, games of shapes and patterns that create mini-dresses, tops and necklaces.


Miami Highlights: Art Miami / Context and Untitled

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New American Paintings/Blog

I made it to Art Miami and Art Context on opening night. It was jammed…There was a lot of talk about the Banksy pieces which were apparently taken from “the streets” of the Middle East and brought here for exhibit and sale. However you feel about the removal and placement, I think most people will agree that the pieces didn’t seem to play well in this context. And, for Banksy, isn’t context what it’s all about? But I digress…

Untitled was a beautiful fair. The ocean view from inside (and out) was incredible and the translucent top to the tent filled the space with nice even light. I heard there were some issues at night, but I didn’t have a chance to see this for myself. Hopefully next year they figure it out. Overall a well curated fair and a welcomed addition to the area.

Check back tomorrow, I’ll post…

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A Merry Mishap Jewellery

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Today we want talk about A Merry MishapImmagine

, interior designer and blogger. Jennifer Hagler is the owner of this brand and blog. Her creations are geometric but never rigid, they have a soft and scandi tone at the same time: the colors hues are pastel and clear, never strong but with really brave combinations.