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 Il brand made in italy Koonhor, finalista di Who’s on next.

Catrine The;Koon Lim (KOONHOR)

I giovani designer Koon Lim e Catrine The’ cresciuti tra Singapore e l’Indonesia si sono incontrati a New York ed hanno dato vita a Koonhor!

Perche’ parliamo di Koonhor?

Perche’ sono giovaniimprevedibilielegantiminimalistisofisticati,


Utilizzano le tecnologie digitali per promuovere i loro brand.

Start up emergente del settore digital fashion


About Koonhor

Intellectually refined. Irreverent yet disciplined.

Designers Koon Lim and Catrine Thé, born and raised in Singapore and Indonesia, respectively, have been cultivating these principles since they met in New York in 2003. Over the years, the two worked closely together to develop their modern and sleek aesthetic, already discernible to those around them. The culmination of ideas and instincts, and their interplay, was something that had to be shared on a grander scale. koonhor was thus established.

Based in Milan, the emerging label has been making strides with its intelligent juxtapositions of feminine and masculine elements. In 2012, koonhor received an illustrious honor from Who is on Next?, an event hosted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia, in which select up-and-coming designers are recognized for their Made-in-Italy creations.

While craftsmanship and sophistication form the underlying DNA of koonhor, the duo behind the label is wary of allocating a closed characterization, a cut and dry definition to the essence of the brand. Determined to encourage an ever-changing impression, their technical approach has become merely the root, a cause. The effect, on the other hand, has always been open to interpretations. Throughout the seasons, koonhor undertakes to manifest themes ranging from the grandiose to the unassuming, and each collection provides yet another convoluted layer to the whole.

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Wood design. Wood Lamps/ Lampade in legno

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Atelier Cocotte  fa parte dei cosidetti  Local Store, infatti, produce e disegna meravigliose lampade fatte di materiali e legno locali.

Oggi moltissimi brand e piccole imprese sono sempre piu’ attente alla loro comunita’.  Producono usando materiale locale.

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Atelier Cocotte designs and makes several models of lamps, from local wood veneer.

These organic lamps, designed and produced in Québec, use local wood materials such as white and red birch, oak, walnut and maple.

Made-to-measure models can also be made on demand.

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